OPML Needs to Evolve

OPML, is great and perfect for what it’s intended to do. Create an outline that is usable by more than one service, of the links and RSS feeds that are important to you. Of course, with the new "RSS Bleeder" services that are appearing, that outline is parsed by a proprietary algorithm, which supposedly will let the service know what you are interested in, and thereby present or Bleed that info to you. OPML is great for Start.com, Live.com, NewsGator, and all of the other outliner/organizers, but I think we need more relevant and structured metadata input for services, which are going to ignore my outline, and "Bleed" to me what it thinks I will like, or create an A1 Page if you prefer.
Here is how the formula currently works.
My Links + My RSS Feeds + Your Algorithm = My A1 Page.
Well, How about this for Evolution?
My links + My RSS Feeds + My Interests + My Hobbies + My Location + My Gender + My Age + My Culture + My Musical Tastes + My Sexual Preference + everything else" + Your Algorithm = My A1 Page.
What are your thoughts? Of course OPML has a specific use, and the evolution of it would need to be named something else? Hey Dave Winer, how about an OPML 2.0?
UPDATE: I didn’t see this before, but Alex Barn already has been talking about OPML and where it should go but everyone seems to be missing my point. Attention.xml and OPML will only tell a service where I have been, and where I like going. It will not tell a service what I like, and what I would go to if I knew it existed. This is why I have posted this article. Human input is nessasary to get human output.
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