TailRank beta looks promising

TailRank just launched their public beta of their RSS Bleeder/Community site. I’ve only played with it for about an hour but I must say it looks interesting. Having said that, I really need to work on my OPML file, because–like I was saying yesterday–moving forward, it seems your OPML file is the most important information a service can use to customize a portal to you. My profile is here, if you want to check me out.
If I were to take the functionality of an OPML file, and add to it hard coded meta data about my interests that were easily and universally used by online services to customize a hub-site/rss feeder and outliner/RSS bleeder to my tastes, what could we call that file? We would need to change name and the attributes of the file so that each service on the web would be able to add it into it’s algorithm in a meaningful way. I need to give this some thought. 
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