The New York Times will be Free

Holly M. Sanders at the NY Post, has this article explaining how The New York Times will be set free on the web. The New York Times had it’s content behind a paid wall protection. Paid by just over 221 thousand paid online readers, many of whom also probably get a paper delivered. This news item really is a showcase that quells any rumors of bubbles and shows that we are living in the age of content. Owners of content are able to pull readers into their realm and make a killing off of a growing number of smart advertisers.

The decision, which also walled off access to archives and other content, was controversial almost from the start, with some of the paper’s own columnists complaining that it limited their Web readership. In July, The Post reported that insiders were lobbying to shut down the service. After two years, however, the move to do away with TimesSelect may have more to do with growth than grumbling inside the paper.

Will this move make the WSJ open it’s doors? Surely the folks who really want access but refuse to pay just use the bugmenot service. Overall, this is great news for the Internet.


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