Maybe there will be no Gdrive?

Google responds to Microsoft’s SkyDrive by upping the ante on their own existing products instead of pushing out Gdrive. I’m starting to wonder, perhaps Google doesn’t want to play in the online storage battle. One would have to think that even Google and Microsoft have limited bandwidth potential. What I mean by that is, after all of the world searches, and after all of the world watches Youtube and after all of the other services which are about to start becoming more popular, perhaps Google is waiting for Microsoft to stick it’s online storage neck out to millions of user’s who gobble it up only to realize it has limited advertiser appeal.

Why you say? Because when you deal with online storage you usually just:

1. Copy

2. Paste

3. Minimize

4. Move on

I didn’t say click on a link and buy a new house did I? No, that’s why Google is saving it’s precious bandwidth for the new shiny Penguin phones with a big ugly blue G on it. =P So what will it do to keep it’s user’s happy? Continue to offer more interactive online storage solutions like Piasca Web Albums and Gmail. Notice they have never crushed folks who turned Gmail into a hard drive that sits in My computer? Perhaps they figure if you store files there, it’s at your own risk so go ahead.  I had a post earlier about, hey Microsoft, put the darn thing in My Computer, but then they can’t make "ANY" money off of the free storage.

Is anyone looking forward to the 700MHz auction as much as I am? I think the owners are going to have a little more push and pull up in the cloud.

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