Don Reisinger Needs a Vacation

image Sorry for the low blow Don but this article is way off the Mark. I agree with a lot of what you are trying to say, um… Leopard is the best OS out there for many reasons, but Vista is hardly the pile of junk (I like to think of it as the adolescent with acne and glasses, and even now it is suitable in many more situations than Leopard. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon because Apple is cool, find out why you like it and then talk about that. This statement you made came from a think tank on Mars I think.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, one thing is abundantly clear: Microsoft fears Google (okay and we are good up to this point) and is doing everything it can to become the Google slayer instead of competing in its core business–software.

image That’s not even blogging I don’t think, it’s trolling, but I guess it’s open for interpretation! Microsoft is expanding, the shareholders are demanding it and the only way to expand the Monopoly/Near Monopoly is to move into broader areas. Sure we all love the fact that when we open our Macbook Pro lids we are productive in less than 4 seconds but Microsoft isn’t going anywhere my friend. The Vista Debacle doesn’t exist, it’s just a bunch of media loving headline grabbing people out there trying to make money by reporting. Still, I can admire that you love the new OS, I did two hours of Sunday driving to get my family pack yesterday but if we take anything away from this whole stupid argument about which OS is better let’s examine a new question. What has each operating system done for computing in general. That’s the better question, and if you are honest, do your homework this time, and stick to the facts, you will find that there are too many contributors to mention but I think by order of importance it goes something like this.

image Companies who have contributed to the advancement of operating systems.

1. Microsoft: Microsoft has defined OSes over the last 20 years, and I’d almost give as much respect to Apple as them so don’t kill me for this one. Let’s just agree to disagree, I am not ignorant on many things concerning this topic I guess so…

2. Apple (Tough decision to put them here but they didn’t get us through late 90s, and Leopard borrows more from Vista and Compiz Fusion than more people will want to admit, but it’s fine, copying is expected in this business.)

3. Sun Microsystems (I know, people will say I loose a lot of credibility but Sun has done more for the world of computing and even the future than you know.

4. GNU & Linux: THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE OF YOU, I FREAKING LOVE YOU ALL! You all should be number 1!

5 Debian + Ubuntu + Novell Ubuntu at home, SLED at work, open systems will someday be unstoppable.

6. IBM + Google for helping out number 4 on the server side. (OS2 had Microsoft burning the midnight oil for at least a year)

There are too many more to count and I’d like to make this list some day via a poll but it would turn into a popularity contest which I have nothing to do with. Now, I having said everything I’ve said here, I do think Microsoft is going to loose a little market share and they are in real danger, danger that I don’t believe many people recognize yet, from Google in the Enterprise. I could be wrong though.


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