If you love it, you will set it free!

That’s not the rational behind Richard Jones and the Majors decision to "Set Free" music. Advertising is heavily moving into the music realm and Last.FM isn’t just a place for Music anymore. It’s kind of a music only Youtube these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a Last.FM user for years and I’ve loved every moment of their service. The idea basically presented in Richard Jones Blog is that you can listen to the same full length track or album a full three times before being prompted to sign up for their full service. I wonder sometimes how much Steve Jobs’ arrogance against the subscription model has cost his company. Last.FM and Rhapsody (not to mention the Zune Properties to come) are building full scale music service stacks which integrate seamlessly into the home with devices like Sonos and other new companies on the horizon. If anything this is at least a small move in the right direction of making music a free property in which to up-sell premium services like concerts and other merchandise. I hope this goes well for all involved.

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